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10 festive workplace activities in Singapore this December

Looking for solutions for your team's end-of-year festive activity? Join us in unwrapping the following unique activities designed to infuse your office with the unique warmth of the holiday season.

Crafts Workshop

Unleash your creativity and joy! Dive into the magic of the season with enchanting ornament crafting workshops. Explore using sustainable and upcycled materials such as clay and discards, transforming simple elements into cherished keepsakes. You can even use these as unique gifts!

Book your crafts workshop early to secure your preferred date! Reach us here.

Workplace Christmas Markets

Unwrap the Spirit of Giving! Step into your own Christmas market wonderland, where colleagues can find gifts for their loved ones, or prepare for Secret Santa exchanges with their teams. Sample and indulge in unique festive treats and wares.

Get in touch to book your preferred vendors! Reach us here.

Matching Team Shirts

Smells and looks like team spirit! Instead of tacky corporate tees, imagine each team member dons matching festive shirts. It's more than just fabric; it's a symbol of unity and togetherness of the team. I mean, what else screams “we are like family here” more than matching shirts, right?

Looking for a matching shirt vendor? We got you! Reach us here.

Festive Donation Drives

In the spirit of giving, let's come together for meaningful donation drives. Whether it's gathering necessities for a local charity or supporting a cause close to our hearts, the act of giving back amplifies the joy of the season. Through our collective efforts, we can make a positive impact that extends far beyond the office.

Thinking of who to organise a donation drive for? Ask us here.

Culinary Class

Let's craft delicious delights and marvellous memories. Embark on a culinary adventure with a festive baking or cooking class. From the aroma of freshly baked bread to the sweet indulgence of cookies and even fun tempering of chocolate, let the kitchen be our canvas.

Cooking, baking or chocolate making? We've got options! Reach us here.

Art Jamming

Paint the season bright! Transform canvases into expressions of festive joy with an art jamming session. Paint a gift, adorn canvases with Christmas motifs, and let the strokes of creativity bind us together. It's not just about the art; it's about the shared experience of bringing beauty to life, one brushstroke at a time.

When would you like to start jamming? Tell us here.

Floral Arrangements

Embrace the beauty of the season with a floral arrangement or wreath-making workshop. As we weave together vibrant blooms and evergreen foliage, we're not just crafting decorations; we're shaping the festive spirit that blossoms within each of us. These creations become symbols of the joy we share and the unity that flourishes.

Want to arrange a date to arrange flowers? Arrange it with us here.

Candle Making

Illuminate the season with warmth. In the soft glow of candlelight, discover the art of candle making. Each handcrafted candle becomes a beacon, symbolising the warmth and togetherness we foster within our team. As we mould wax into works of art, we illuminate not just the room but also the collective spirit of the season.

In light of your burning interest for this workshop, you can reach us here.

Learning Journey

When the mood is festive, it is a conducive time to bring the team together. Go on a learning journey together with an excursion to offsite workshops and locations. You can include a festive element through your choice of meals or destination. In the spirit of continuous growth, let's learn more together!

If you're looking to put together a learning journey during the festive season, reach us asap here.

Team Gifts

In the spirit of appreciation, let's turn the act of gift-giving inward. Selecting thoughtful gifts for our colleagues is more than a tradition; it's an expression of gratitude. Each carefully chosen item becomes a token of acknowledgment, a heartfelt reminder of the value each team member brings to our shared journey.

Looking for gift ideas? Let us know here.

In embracing these inspiring activities, let us not only celebrate the festive season but also weave a tapestry of shared joy, creativity, and unity among our teams.

Are you planning a festive activity or event for your team? Reach us here.

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