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Employee Engagement Calendar in Singapore for December 2024

December 2024 Team Building Activity Guide

Dec 1: World AIDS Day

Suggested activities: info sessions and fundraising

Raise awareness and show support for those affected by HIV on World AIDS Day. Organise informational sessions, offer resources, and participate in fundraising activities to contribute to HIV prevention and support efforts. Create a workplace that stands united against HIV stigma.

Dec 3: International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Suggested activities: awareness sessions, accessibility workshops

Mark the International Day of Persons with Disabilities by fostering inclusivity in the workplace. Organise awareness sessions, promote accessibility, and celebrate the diverse talents of all team members. Create a workplace that values and supports individuals of all abilities.

Dec 5: International Volunteer Day

Suggested activities: organise volunteering activities

On International Volunteer Day, rally colleagues to give back to the community. Organise group volunteer activities, highlight individual volunteer efforts, and foster a culture of social responsibility. Create a workplace where the spirit of giving back thrives.

Dec 10: Human Rights Day

Suggested activities: human rights talks, awareness campaigns

Celebrate the principles of equality and justice on Human Rights Day. Organize awareness campaigns, share stories of advocacy, and encourage colleagues to engage in conversations about human rights. Create a workplace that champions the inherent dignity and rights of every individual.

Dec 21: World Basketball Day

Suggested activities: basketball activity

Celebrate World Basketball Day at the workplace by organising friendly basketball games or shooting competitions. Set up hoops in the office or nearby courts for some friendly competition and team bonding. Encourage colleagues to showcase their skills, promote physical activity, and foster a spirit of camaraderie through the love of basketball. Let's dribble, shoot, and score our way to a fun-filled day of celebration!

Dec 25: Christmas

Suggested activities: gift exchange, office christmas party

Deck the halls and bring joy to the workplace as you celebrate Christmas. Organise festive activities, decorate communal areas, and encourage colleagues to share holiday traditions. Foster a spirit of generosity, creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Dec 31: End of December School Holidays

Suggested activities: child at work day, parent-child excursions  

Make the most of the end of December school holidays by integrating family time and relaxation into your work routine. Consider offering flexible work hours or remote work options to accommodate parents spending time with their children. Encourage colleagues to share their holiday plans and experiences, fostering a sense of community and support during the festive season. Let's embrace the holiday spirit and create a work-life balance that allows everyone to recharge and return to work refreshed in the new year.

Dec 31: New Year’s Eve

Suggested activities: new year's eve countdown party, reflection sharing session

Bid farewell to the year with a celebration in the workplace on New Year's Eve. Organise a countdown, share reflections on the year gone by, and set positive intentions for the upcoming year. Foster a sense of camaraderie, creating a festive atmosphere to welcome the new beginnings ahead.

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