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23 Irresistible Team Building Activities for Foodies in Singapore

Looking for team bonding solutions for your team of foodies? Take a look at these delicious corporate workshops and activities that are perfect for team building!

Chocolate: Make chocolate truffles and appreciate different chocolates

Imagine [insert Your Name] and the Chocolate Factory. Dive into a wonka-esque world of pure imagination with a chocolate appreciation workshop where you'll learn to savour different origins and types of chocolate. There are also chocolate making activities, where you can try your hand at making your own chocolate bars, slabs or truffles! So if you feel your temper building up after a hectic time at work, why not temper some chocolate instead. We hear dark chocolate is great for relieving stress!

Kombucha: Learn to brew kombucha and make mocktails

Explore the fizzy and flavourful world of kombucha with a hands-on brewing workshop. Your team will learn the basics of kombucha fermentation and create your own homemade brew. You can also gain insight into the health benefits and science behind this popular fermented tea, or choose to make a fancy mocktail using kombucha!

Coffee: Be your own Barista

Have you ever wondered how a barista prepares your coffee? This is your chance to be your own barista! From pulling espresso shots, to steaming milk for latte art, hand brewing techniques, and even the kopi 'sock' method and cold brew, there are many options for you to choose from. Gather your team for a coffee class, and enjoy your own creation!

Pizza: Make your own pizza!

Pineapple, or no pineapple? Olives, more olives, or even more olives? You decide! It's your turn to knead, stretch, pull, toss and fire up your pizza dough, pile on the toppings, then slice and savour your own pizza. There are even team activities where you and your colleagues can create pizzas together and have a friendly pizza competition!

Tea: Brew and meditate over tea

Are you interested in a fine cup of tea? Learn tea brewing from the masters, or enjoy a meditative and relaxing tea brewing session. You can also choose to create your own tea blend, and learn more about the history, origins and benefits of tea. Be it chai, matcha, Chinese tea, or perhaps teh tarik - you're bound to have a brew-tea-full session!

Cook: You're a masterchef

This is a thrilling activity that will pit your colleagues against each other. Join hands to from teams and do a cook-off a la masterchef, and see who is the best chef among you! If you'd prefer to learn than compete, there are so many cuisines and dishes to choose from. You might even want to gather a group who would be eager to learn cooking a new cuisine each month, as a form of offsite relaxation activity.

Cocktails: Shake your own cocktails

Learn from professional bartenders and mixologists as you shake, stir and sip your own cocktails. You can pick up tips to make your own at home, or learn more about the different types of spirits, tools and garnishes. Whether you're into the classics, or funky creations, there's bound to be a combination you'll like. Signing up for a cocktail class? That's the spirit!

Gin: Visit a distillery and bottle your own gin

Take a learning journey to visit a local gin distillery to learn all about how gin is made, and then enjoy a gin tasting session. Experience the sensations of different botanicals and tonic pairings. There are also gin workshops where you can get to distill and bottle your own gin!

Whiskey: Explore the deep notes of whiskey with each sip

Are you into whiskey? Or perhaps you like to imagine you're the main character in one of those tv series, you know the ones where they wear business suits and drink whiskey in the office? If that sounds like you, why not organise a whiskey tasting session with your colleagues. It could be the key to whisking away those worries of the work day.

Cheese: Taste some delectable cheese

Cheese lovers unite! Learn from a cheesemonger about various types of cheese, and get to taste some that you don't normally find at the supermarket. Find out more about the history, production methods, and unique characteristics of each cheese. Discover how to pair cheeses with wines, fruits, and other accompaniments to enhance their flavours. Engage in interactive tasting sessions, where team members can share their tasting notes and preferences.

Wine: Savour the diverse flavors of wine

Are you eager to learn more about wines so you can show off your newfound knowledge at your work gatherings and business meetings? Sure, you could actually redeem WSET classes with your SkillsFuture credits, but you can also quickly arrange a wine tasting and appreciation activity now! Led by a professional sommelier, these sessions introduce your team to the art of wine tasting, covering the essentials of wine varieties, regions, and pairing techniques. Learn how to discern subtle flavour notes, understand wine labels, and select wines for different occasions. Engage in guided tastings of a curated selection of fine wines, enhancing your palate and knowledge.

Kueh: Learn to make kueh

When you think of kueh, who do you picture? Is it the loving makcik translating her love to your plate, or the friendly auntie insisting that every kueh is delicious... do you even think of kueh at all? From traditional teochew to malay and nonya kueh, there are so many colours, textures and variations. The next time you think of kueh, you'll remember this time when you made kueh with your colleagues. It might not have been the best kueh you've ever tasted (although we could recommend some that make excellent corporate gifts), but it's the layers (pun intended) of memories that will last long after you've fought over the paiseh piece. So what do you think? A kueh workshop is pretty cool-eh?

Juice: Yes, you can learn to juice!

The juiciest workshop in town, where you can learn about juicing wellness, and even make your own juice with a friendly recipe competition among your team. Yes, juicing might seem easy and a no-brainer, but you can learn how to juice better, to reach your goals, and pick up recipes and combinations to make your juices more vibrant. At the very least, you know you can enjoy fresh juice when you turn up for a juice workshop. In this heat and humidity, we'd squeeze every opportunity for a cool glass of juice.

Prata: Flip your own prata

When you see your favourite prata stall person flipping pratas, it sure looks fun to make, but have YOU tried to make it yourself? This is your time to shine! Take turns flipping pratas with your colleagues. There is bound to be a lot of fun and laughter, flips and flops! And when you're done, you get to eat the prata. We can't promise there's going to be sugar to go with your prata (for those of you who think it's acceptable), but it'll certainly be an experience filled with sweet memories.

Curry: Make your favourite curries

Learn to make your favourite curries. Before you get curried away, choose your cuisine, and get paired with an expert who will teach you the basics. We recommend this activity for curry lovers, so gather your curry-craving colleagues and cook some curries! This is also a two-in-one opportunity to enjoy a team lunch after you're done, although you'll have to contend with whatever your team cooks up. Curry courage, anyone?

Spices: Mix your own spice blend

Rempah-ooh-la-la! Learn from a spices expert and blend your own desired spice blend for your cooking needs at home, or as a gift for someone you know who will love this. You can even trade your creations with your colleagues, or bring your spice blends to a subsequent cookoff activity where you'll see who has the nicer spices. Whether you're interested in Indian, Malay, Chinese cuisine or a fusion that is your own creation, this will spice up your relationships at the dinner table. Spice spice baby!

Acai Bowls: Prepare your own acai bowl

Is it a fad? Is it a trend? Is it a health food? Well by now, acai bowls have been around for a while in this part of the world. If you haven't tried it, you're missing out, and this is your chance. During this activity, you'll learn about the history of açaí, then create and enjoy your own açaí bowl. Look at the amount of fresh fruit and toppings - it's a Bali breakfast dream, except you're here with your colleagues making memories over an açaí bowl team bonding treat.

Granola: Make your own granola

Before you say no lah, let us introduce you to this gra-no-la workshop. It's a power breakfast favourite that's sweet, fruity, nutty and packed with goodness. You'll get to create your own granola, with the option to choose a sustainable theme where you'll make granola from up-cycled food byproducts like spent barley grain. At the end of the activity, you can enjoy your granola with some fresh toppings, or take it home for a snack. Granola? Come on lah, say yes lah.

Cookies: Bake your own cookies

"C is for cookie that's good enough for me." You've got your hand in the cookie jar with this one. Imagine the fragrant smell of buttery cookies enveloping the room as you bake away with your colleagues. You can even choose to include the theme of sustainability, with cookies made from up-cycled food byproducts. As Cookie Monster says, "Om Nom Nom Nom".

Cakes: Bake a beautiful cake

Is it cake? Yes. It's time to have your own rendition of The Great [insert Your Company] Bakeoff. Form teams, or go solo, and bake your cakes! There are options for fun studio sessions that inspire teamwork, or friendly cake competitions to see who has the prettiest and tastiest cake. At the end of it, of course you'll get the chance to eat your own creation, if you dare. We didn't say it'd be easy, but it'll sure be a cake load of fun!

Ice Cream / Gelato: Churn your own ice cream or gelato

Are you team ice cream, gelato or sorbet? Whichever you choose, your team is bound to have some ice cold fun as you mix your favourite flavours into your favourite ice cream. Trust us, this sweet treat tastes even better when you're the one making it! Besides learning about ice cream theory and enjoying this interactive team bonding, we can even hook you up with boozy ice cream (when the kids aren't around!), or activities that end with an UNLIMITED ice cream buffet. Oops.. we've revealed too much haven't we?

Dim Sum: Fold your own dim sum

Stuck at work, but reminiscing about nights out at Swee Choon with your friends? Here's your dim sum dreams come true. You'll get to make your own dim sum from scratch, learning from a dim sum chef. Pick up the ingredients, preparation methods, and techniques you'll need to make them yourself at home. Then of course, enjoy the dim sum as a tea time snack with your team!

Honey: Lick golden syrupy honey

Honey, honey, honey, always lovely. You've drizzled it on your breakfast, had it to soothe your throat, and slathered it on.. uh... pizza. Now in this activity, you'll find out more about different types of honey, learning about its properties and discerning various tasting notes. There are even workshops that pair honey with food or alcohol. Whether you love honey or have always been partial to it, this activity will give you a newfound appreciation of this liquid gold.

Are you planning a team activity or event for your team of foodies? Reach us here.

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