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Employee Engagement Calendar in Singapore for March 2024

March 2024 Team Building Activity Guide

Mar 1: Employee Appreciation Day

Suggested activities: talks, workshops, gifts

On this day, take time to appreciate the role of each employee and member of staff. Show your appreciation for your team and colleagues! Have a meal together, organise a team bonding activity, or send each person a token of appreciation.

Mar 2-9: Taylor Swift in Singapore

Suggested activities: office karaoke, pop quizzes, workplace talent show

Remember that whole Taylor Swift ticket saga last year? Here's your chance to relive the joy, or disappointment, of your ticket ballot. Bring the concert to the office with a karaoke session, staff performances, kahoot quiz, and whatever you can think of. Your work bestie belting out You Belong With Me in a duet with you might just make you stay on for another year!

Mar 8: International Women's Day

Suggested activities: IWD workshops, sharing sessions and talks

The theme for IWD 2024 is "DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality" which focuses on how technology and education can empower women and girls around the world. Invite a speaker in this field, organise a sharing session by your own colleagues, or host an IWD workshop.

Mar 9-17: March School Holidays

Suggested activities: bring-your-child-to-work day, kid-friendly workshops

As the March School Holidays unfold, infuse your workplace with family-friendly vibes! Introduce imaginative workshops for little ones, sparking creativity and curiosity. Designate a special 'Kids Day' at the office, filled with engaging activities. Support flexibility and time off for family getaways, ensuring a harmonious blend of work and family joy during this rejuvenating school break.

Mar 10: Start of Ramadan

Suggested activities: educational sharing sessions

The start of Ramadan where Muslim colleagues and those participating begin their fast. Beyond the staple dates and coconut water pack that companies dole out, we have a lot of space to do more than that. Organise a session for colleagues to understand perspectives from those who are fasting, break fast at the workplace together, or even try out the practice of fasting with your colleagues.

Mar 17: St. Patrick's Day

Suggested activities: green-themed pop-up

St Patrick's Day might be synonymous with green and guinness over here. How about obsessing over "green" literally and try to infuse sustainability into the festivities? How about a green smoothie competition, or an office happy hour featuring an eco-themed quiz, served with Guinness... wait for it... Zero for a change. They'll complain, but convince them that good health brings good fortune! Other activities you can organise include face painting, Irish-themed dance or language workshops, and cultural sessions on the origins of St Patrick's Day.

Mar 20: International Day of Happiness

Suggested activities: make someone happy

On this day, you could have a simple exchange of letters and compliments between colleagues. We've done this before and everyone loved it. We also asked ChatGPT to recommend an activity for International Day of Happiness and this was what it suggested as well... which means it's pretty common? Maybe just don't let AI write your message if you want it to be authentic. We can tell.

Mar 21: World Down Syndrome Day

Suggested activities: talks, workshops, sock pop-up, donation drive

On World Down Syndrome Day (on March 21 because people with Down syndrome have 3 copies of their 21st chromosome), join people around the world to wear colourful and mismatched socks, symbolising the uniqueness of individuals with Down syndrome. Organise a sock fashion show during a lunchtime gathering to celebrate diversity and raise awareness, reminding us that our differences make us extraordinary. You may also host a local sock vendor and donate proceeds to charity!

Mar 22: World Water Day

Suggested activities: talks, workshops, donation drive for water-related projects

Celebrate World Water Day by promoting water conservation and sustainability in the workplace. Encourage employees to bring reusable water bottles and offer a hydration station with fresh, filtered water. Additionally, organise a friendly competition to see who can reduce their water usage the most throughout the workday. Let's quench our thirst responsibly and make every drop count!

Mar 23: Earth Hour (8.30pm)

Suggested activities: talks, advocacy

Participate in Earth Hour by turning off non-essential lights and electronic devices for one hour during the workday. Use this time to brainstorm and discuss sustainability initiatives, energy-saving strategies, and environmental goals for the company. Let's make a positive impact on the planet while powering up our commitment to a greener future!

Mar 25: Holi

Suggested activities: start or join a Holi activity

Celebrate Holi with a burst of vibrant colour. Bring the fun to the workplace with an activity where you sling coloured powder at one another, then indulge in festive delights after. You can also join in the Holi celebrations and festivals around the city.

Mar 29: Good Friday

Suggested activities: talks, sharing sessions

Commemorate Good Friday with an office "Acts of Kindness and Reflection" initiative, encouraging small gestures of goodwill among coworkers and taking a moment to reflect on the significance of the day. Wondering why Good Friday is a holiday here, and what goes on for those who commemorate the occasion? Let your colleagues share, or invite a speaker for an educational talk.

Mar 30: International Day of Zero Waste

Suggested activities: sustainability talks, zero waste workshops

Observe the day with a "Waste Reduction Challenge" in the workplace, inspiring employees to find innovative ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle materials. Share eco-friendly practices and achievements in waste reduction to foster a more sustainable workplace. Host a "Zero Waste Workshop" where experts share zero waste living tips, encouraging employees to reduce waste at work and home. Provide reusable items like shopping bags to promote zero waste practices.

Mar 31: Easter

Suggested activities: crafts workshops, donation drive

Celebrate Easter with an "Easter Egg Hunt & Charity Drive," using eco-friendly or reusable eggs filled with charitable donations to support a local cause, blending the joy of Easter with the spirit of giving and community support. Organize an "Eco-Friendly Craft Fair" for an eco-conscious Easter celebration. Employees create and sell upcycled crafts using recycled materials, promoting creativity and supporting a charitable cause.

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