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Employee Engagement Calendar in Singapore for July 2024

July 2024 Team Building Activity Guide

Jul 1: SAF Day

Suggested activities: sharing session

Commemorate SAF (Singapore Armed Forces) Day by expressing gratitude for the service and commitment of active personnel to safeguarding our nation's security. You may consider organising a get-together for coworkers to share about their NS experiences.

Jul 1: International Joke Day

Suggested activities: comedy session, joke contest

Lighten the mood in the office by celebrating International Joke Day. Encourage colleagues to share their favourite jokes, organise a joke-telling session, or even have a "best joke" contest.

Jul 7: World Chocolate Day

Suggested activities: chocolate appreciation, chocolate making, chocolate factory tour

Celebrate World Chocolate Day at the office by creating a delightful chocolate-themed break area. Encourage colleagues to share their favourite chocolate treats, fostering a sweet and communal atmosphere. Whether it's dark, milk, or white chocolate, let the workplace indulge in the joy that these cocoa delights bring.

Jul 14: End of EURO 2024

Suggested activities: office watch parties, fantasy league, football trivia, score tournament

Gear up for the excitement of EURO 2024 by transforming your workplace into a hub of football enthusiasm! Initiate a company-wide sweepstake or fantasy league, fostering camaraderie and friendly competition among colleagues. Decorate communal areas with team colours and flags, creating a vibrant atmosphere that mirrors the passion of the tournament. Consider hosting game-watching sessions or organising a 'Football Trivia Day' to celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship and unity in the workplace.

Jul 15: World Youth Skills Day

Suggested activities: host youth at the workplace, get young colleagues to share their skills and learnings

Mark World Youth Skills Day at the workplace by hosting skill-building workshops, mentorship programs, or career development seminars tailored for young professionals. Empower the next generation with valuable skills and knowledge essential for their personal and professional growth. Let's invest in the potential of youth, equipping them with the tools they need to succeed in the ever-evolving job market.

Jul 17: World Emoji Day

Suggested activities: emoji literacy workshop

Add a playful touch to communications on World Emoji Day. Encourage colleagues to express themselves using emojis, and perhaps organise a fun emoji-themed contest or game. This is also a brilliant opportunity to organise an emoji literacy workshop - after all, this is a legitimate form of communication that is often confusing and interpreted different along intergenerational lines.

Jul 20: International Chess Day

Suggested activities: chess competition, chess lessons

Celebrate International Chess Day at the workplace by organising a friendly chess tournament or casual games during breaks. Encourage strategic thinking, problem-solving, and friendly competition among colleagues. Let's come together to enjoy the timeless game of chess and foster a culture of intellectual engagement.

Jul 21: Racial Harmony Day

Suggested activities: sharing sessions, cultural exchange

Mark Racial Harmony Day in the Singaporean workplace by organizing cultural exchanges and activities that celebrate diversity. Encourage colleagues to wear traditional attire, fostering a visual tapestry of cultural richness. Through shared experiences and understanding, let Racial Harmony Day strengthen the bonds that make Singapore a harmonious and diverse nation.

Jul 24: International Self-Care Day

Suggested activities: self-care gifts, self-care education

On International Self-Care Day, prioritize well-being at work by organizing relaxation sessions or wellness workshops. Create a calm space where colleagues can unwind and focus on self-care. Encourage open conversations about mental health, fostering a workplace that values the holistic well-being of every team member.

Jul 26 - Aug 11: Olympics Paris 2024

Suggested activities: office watch party

Gear up for the Olympics Paris 2024 by infusing the workplace with a sense of sportsmanship. Organise friendly office competitions or sports-themed events, fostering camaraderie and team spirit. Celebrate the diverse talents within the team, building excitement for the global spectacle of athleticism ahead.

Jul 28: World Hepatitis Day

Suggested activities: health checkups, educational talk

Mark World Hepatitis Day by promoting health awareness and education in the workplace. Organize informative sessions or invite health experts to share insights about hepatitis prevention. Encourage colleagues to undergo health check-ups, fostering a workplace culture that prioritises the well-being of all employees.

Jul 30: International Day of Friendship

Suggested activities: team bonding activities, reinforce peer support

On the International Day of Friendship, foster a warm and inclusive workplace culture. Organize team-building activities, encouraging colleagues to connect and build meaningful relationships. Recognise and celebrate the diverse friendships that contribute to a positive and collaborative work environment.

Entire Month: Plastic Free July

Suggested activities: plastic education, plastic-free initiatives at work

During Plastic Free July, lead the charge for sustainability at the workplace. Implement plastic-free initiatives, such as reusable utensils, recycling programs, and educational workshops. Engage colleagues in a collective effort to reduce plastic waste, creating a workplace that champions environmental responsibility.

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