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Employee Engagement Calendar in Singapore for January 2024

January 2024 Team Building Activity Guide

Jan 1: New Year's Day

Suggested activities: icebreakers, journaling workshop, resolutions workshop, goal setting and mastery

Welcome your colleagues back to work by easing them into the new year. How about a round of icebreaker activities to reorientate everyone - at this time of the year, there is a high chance you might see your coworkers as a different person when they are in a refreshed and recharged state. As they all say, "new year, new me!"

Jan 4: World Braille Day

Suggested activities: sharing sessions and talks, experience workshops

If you have the privilege of sight, you must have noticed braille on many surfaces. Have you ever wondered how the visually impaired, who may even be your friends or coworkers, interact with braille? On World Braille Day, this is a great opportunity to dive into the topic and learn more about how we can be more inclusive and make the workplace more accessible to the visually-impaired.

Jan 15-18: Pongal

Suggested activities: cultural talks, crafts workshop, donation drives

Pongal means to 'overflow', and it's traditionally a four-day festival to celebrate a rich harvest and manifest prosperity and abundance. The festival begins with thorough spring-cleaning and discarding of old items to signify a fresh start, and ends with the fostering of strong ties with the community. Arrange a cultural session, crafts workshop, or a contribution drive to collect unwanted items to donate to the community.

Jan 23-31: Coldplay in Singapore

Suggested activities: Coldplay-themed activities, resolutions workshop, goal setting and mastery

When Coldplay belts out "Fix You" at the National Stadium six nights in January and you hear your colleagues claim it was the "best live concert everrrr" after experiencing a sky full of mobile phone lights and something just like this, perhaps it's a sign to fix you-r new year's resolutions. Seek out wellness workshops, resolution and goal setting masterclasses.

Jan 25: Thaipusam

Suggested activities: cultural talks, learning journey

During Thaipusam, there is a large, colourful ceremonial procession where devotees walk with milk pots and kavadis (ceremonial devices) to seek blessings, while being encouraged by their family and friends. If you have colleagues taking part, try to organise a sharing session or even make your way down to support them!

Entire Month: Dry January

Suggested activities: vendor pop-up, alcohol cessation talk, alcohol alternatives tasting workshop

Challenge your alcohol-drinking coworkers to go alcohol-free! Set up a leaderboard and see who goes the distance. We'd imagine things might get really interesting if you're working for a liquor company. There are many alcohol-free alternatives on the market now. How about a pop-up to introduce your team to these options!

Entire Month: Veganuary

Suggested activities: Vendor pop-up, vegan cooking class, vegan alternatives tasting workshop

Veganuary encourages a vegan commitment for one month. At the workplace, we can break this down into bite-sized opportunities for our coworkers to explore. This could be a vegan cooking class, vegan tasting session, or vegan product marketplace.

Looking to book an activity for your team in January? Reach us here.

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