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Employee Engagement Calendar in Singapore for February 2024

February 2024 Team Building Activity Guide

Feb 4: World Cancer Day

Suggested activities: talks, workshops, donation drive

World Cancer Day is an occasion to reflect on the cancer care gap and how we can provide equitable access to cancer prevention around the world. Encourage your coworkers to take part in activities that are beneficial to preventing cancer, organise an educational awareness talk, and show your support to an organisation or colleague in need of cancer-related funding and support.

Feb 10: Lunar New Year

Suggested activities: baking workshop, lunar new year pop-up market, orange peel upcycling

Celebrate the Lunar New Year, and take a break from 10-12 Feb (yes Monday's a holiday!) to visit relatives or just go on vacation. Office festivities can include craft workshops, a snack bazaar, or baking goodies together! While locally celebrated as the Chinese New Year, our colleagues from Vietnam (Tết), Korea (Seollal), Mongolia (Tsagaan Sar), Tibet (Losar) and more communities are also celebrating this occasion. Take the time to learn how different cultures commemorate the lunar new year!

Feb 11: International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Suggested activities: expert talk, sharing sessions

On the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, honour and amplify the achievements of women in STEM fields by organising panel discussions, workshops, or mentorship programs. Highlight the contributions of female scientists and inspire the next generation of girls to pursue careers in science. Let's work towards gender equality in STEM, fostering an inclusive and diverse scientific community for innovation and progress.

Feb 14: Valentine's Day

Suggested activities: team bonding activity, valentine's pop-up market, valentine's craft workshop

Valentine's, Galentine's or every-tine's, here's your chance to go deep and forge stronger relationships among your team. Host a team bonding session, build rapport through a mastery workshop, or spread the love with a donation drive to contribute items to those in need.

Feb 14: International Book Giving Day

Suggested activities: book donation drive, office book club session, book exchange activity, focused reading session

International Book Giving Day is exactly how it sounds - giving your books to people who would benefit. This is a great opportunity to host a book donation drive. Alternatively, seeing it's Valentine's, you may wish to take it literally and exchange books instead of flowers and chocolates.

Feb 15: Total Defence Day

Suggested activities: educational talk, workshop

Having Total Defence Day after Valentine's is perhaps a sobering reminder that we ought to protect those we love. On this day, learn about Singapore's six pillars of defence, via a talk, workshop, or encouraging everyone to download the.. umm..SG Secure app...?

Feb 17: Random Acts of Kindness Day

Suggested activities: random acts of kindness!

This is one of our favourites! So someone decided to have a random random acts of kindness day on a random day, and so it came to be a random acts of kindness day on this random day in random February. Encourage everyone at your workplace to do random acts of kindness today and everyday. As Ellen says "Be kind to one another". Just don't get cancelled - be genuine!

Feb 20: World Day of Social Justice

Suggested activities: educational talk, workshop, dialogue session, townhall

The day is observed to elevate awareness about social inequality and to educate people about the importance of removing poverty, sexual identity and biological prejudice, religious bigotry, etc. This might be a good opportunity to have a frank dialogue and sharing session within teams and groups in your organisation.

Feb 21: International Mother Language Day

Suggested activities: basic language learning series, language exchange

Celebrate International Mother Language Day at the workplace by embracing linguistic diversity and cultural heritage. Encourage colleagues to share stories, poems, or songs in their native languages, fostering mutual understanding and respect. Let's honour the richness of our mother tongues, promoting inclusivity and appreciation for diverse linguistic traditions in the workplace and beyond.

Feb 24: Yuan Xiao Festival / Chap Goh Mei

Suggested activities: tangyuan making workshop, vendor pop-up

This day signifies the end of the chinese new year, and also doubles as the Chinese Valentine's Day (in case you missed your chance 10 days ago!). It is a food custom to eat yuanxiao, also known widely as tangyuan, which symbolises unity.

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