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When to organise team building activities in Singapore during February 2024

Key dates for team building events in February 2024

The Lunar New Year (beginning Feb 10) lights up celebrations with vibrant traditions and festivities, whether you’re celebrating Chinese New Year, Seollal, Tết, or your community’s unique version. Signalling the end of the Chinese New Year is the Yuan Xiao Festival or Chap Goh Mei (Feb 24), which also doubles as the Chinese Valentine’s Day and it is a food custom to eat yuanxiao, also known widely as tangyuan, which symbolises unity.

Valentine's Day (Feb 14) adds a touch of romance, and if you simply love books, coinciding with Valentine's Day is International Book Giving Day (Feb 14) which encourages sharing the gift of reading and knowledge with others.

Compassion and resilience is also a recurring theme this month. We begin the month with a heartfelt reminder on World Cancer Day (Feb 4) to unite in the fight against cancer. On Random Acts of Kindness Day (Feb 17), people come together to spread goodwill through kind acts. In Singapore, Total Defence Day (Feb 15) further reminds us of the importance of safeguarding our nation and its values, while World Day of Social Justice (Feb 20) raises awareness of social inequalities amidst a call for global solidarity.

Let's get ready for a fabulous February!

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