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KPMG Green Dot makes delicious granola bowls

Our workshop at the KPMG Singapore office, led by the moonbeam co.!

The Green Dot team introducing the workshop

This time, we were here with the KPMG GreenDot team to bring a fun sustainability-themed event to their coworkers. Participants got to learn from our expert Varden about food waste and food loss in Singapore, and were introduced tips and strategies for sustainable living.

Varden from the moonbeam co. delivering the talk
Time to make some granola!

The participants then went on to bake the moonbeam co.'s signature granola made with brewers spent grains, and assembled their own granola bowls topped with fresh fruit and yogurt.

We gathered through the feedback that participants were pleasantly surprised at how good the granola tasted (moonbeam folks, y'all heard it here!), especially as it was made from what could have been food waste. It was delightful to see all the happy and satisfied faces at this workshop.

Organising a sustainability or wellness activation for your organisation? Wondering what to do for Earth Day, Sustainability Week, or Wellness Wednesdays? Let us know your requirements here!

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