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JLL organises used textiles collection drive at One George Street

The team at JLL were eager to introduce sustainability-themed activations to their properties. They decided to start off with a pilot project at their One George Street building, where a collection point was set up for tenants to drop off their unused and unwanted clothing and textiles.

As much of the focus would be on getting participants to take notice, we worked closely with the team to design marketing material that would entice tenants to take note and be inspired to contribute to the project. The effect of this attention to detail saw the contributions gradually pick up throughout the month.

At the end, the tenants of One George Street collectively contributed a whopping 503.2kg worth of textiles, which by rough estimates count as 12.58t of carbon savings - this has been calculated to be able to power a 4-room HDB household's electrical consumption for 7 years!

All textiles donated will be reused, upcycled, exported or repurposed for various causes. This initiative aims to conserve resources and reduce pollution from sending old clothes to the landfills.

We applaud the contribution of everyone involved, and this just shows how far collective effort can go. There's more to be done and we hope this activation snowballs and inspires participants to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

Would you like to organise a sustainability activation at your workplace? Are you looking to encourage up-cycling and recycling of unused and unwanted items? Reach us here and let us know your requirements!

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