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Great Eastern Earth Week 2022

Great Eastern Life Singapore (GE) wanted to engage their employees with sustainability activities during the week of Earth Day 2022.

One of the few pop-ups at Great Eastern's Pickering Street building.

We curated a week of sustainability pop-ups across their offices, featuring a rotation of multiple vendors who were onsite to share about their sustainable products. Over 200 employees had the opportunity to discover, learn and interact with 20 homegrown sustainable brands.

Our partner Eve from The Better Milk sharing about her nutritious nut milk.

There were also upcycling workshops where participants upcycled used milk cartons into lamps - especially appreciated by parents who brought these upcycled lamps home to inspire their children. A total of 40 2-litre milk cartons were upcycled, with approximately 1.16kg of CO2 saved from not incinerating these cartons, as expected if it were discarded as trash.

On the agenda for today's meeting: fun interactive learning!

Looks like art class! When creative rejuvenation and sustainability learning combine.

GE staff also participated in educational quizzes on sustainability to win a sustainable food bundle, and a very popular clothes donation drive which saw 161.7 kg of used clothes collected. By rough estimates, 2.18t of CO2 saved from recycling these textiles. That's the equivalent of each GE employee charging their phone once a day for 145 days!

At the end of the event, GE’s organising team received an impact report to allow them to understand the impact of their staff’s contributions throughout the campaign, which they were able to share internally to motivate and inspire participants for future activations.

Organising a sustainability or wellness activation for your organisation? Wondering what to do for Earth Day, Sustainability Week, or Wellness Wednesdays? Let us know your requirements here!

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