Employee Engagement

5 unique sustainability experiences for your team in 2023 - Corporate Workshops, Team Bonding and more!

1. Upcycling Workshops

How can we repurpose our unwanted items? One person’s trash is another person’s treasure - and you can turn your trash into something useful! There are many things you can up-cycle, ranging from food waste to packaging. Turn your used coffee grounds into soap, or those empty milk cartons into decorative lamps. Pick up some handicraft skills while you’re at it!

2. Environmental Cleanups

In 2021, 4,000 tons of flotsam was collected from beaches and coastal areas in Singapore. Such marine litter is expected to be a growing challenge that is difficult to control due to its transboundary nature. Sign up your organisation to do your part to keep Singapore’s beaches and parks clean, and make it a fun team bonding and offsite activity.

3. Sustainability Pop-Ups

Inspiring employees to take more sustainable action can go a long way to aligning them with the sustainable goals of the organisation. 6 in 10 employees suggest they lack information on their own company’s sustainability goals. This would be a great time to engage your employees on sustainability and share more information with them. In-house exhibitions, pop-ups or even simple EDMs and newsletters can go a long way.

4. Urban Farm Installations

Plant-parenting and home-farming are just two of the green finger habits that kept us occupied during the pandemic. This has translated into more green growers back in the office, as our colleagues brought their newfound interests back to the workplace. Urban farm modules are in demand, from simple racks to full rooftop farms on buildings. If you’re looking to garnish your work lunches, consider installing some microgreens and herb planter boxes and taking turns with your colleagues to be the ‘office-gardener-of-the-day’!

5. Used-Item Collection Drive

Households in Singapore generated 189 million kilograms worth of textile and leather waste in 2021 alone - the equivalent weight of 1.2 billion t-shirts. Collection drives are a great way to encourage folks to donate otherwise unused items, and put these items to good use. Instead of leaving your unused items to gather dust and take up space at home, it can be repurposed, reused and up-cycled for others to benefit. Items that can be collected include used textiles and e-waste.

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