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Singapore imports over 90% of its food supply.

In Singapore, we produce less than 10% of our own food. According to 2021 figures shared by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA), there are 260 farms which covers just 1% of the country's land area.


Vegetable and fish farms contribute to 4% and 8% of local consumption respectively. The remainder are imported from across 180 diverse locations around the world.


The latest reports point to promising growth for local production while highlighting the need to always be vigilant about supply chain issues and safeguard our food security.

How we're supporting '30 by 30'

Singapore has set an ambitious target to increase domestic food production by 2030, aiming to produce 30% of our nutritional needs locally within the next decade. This is up from the present figures of just under 10%.


To approach this goal, we have to raise awareness of the benefits of local produce, while getting more residents to choose locally grown food where available.


Urban Origins highlights our local farms and help our farmers gain the visibility they need for people to buy their produce.


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One way to get behind our farms is to ensure a constant demand for their produce. 


With our subscription plans, you can receive freshly harvested produce weekly while supporting our local farmers. Subscribing for weeks also locks in your order while reducing produce wastage.


Every dollar you spend on local produce contributes to the growth of our local farms, supports the local economy and ultimately contributes to sustaining our food security and reaching '30 by 30' and beyond.

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