Food Discovery Box

June 2022

Pre-Order Now. Deliveries start 14 June.

What's In The Box

Dark Chocolate Brownie Crisps (80g)

A unique combination of classic dark chocolate brownie with a creative crispy twist to it. Made using real dark chocolate in our process of crafting it to perfection.

Sprouted Nuts (2x50g)

2 assorted flavours

Parmesan Seeded Sourdough Crackers

Baked sourdough crackers

Veggie Chips

Teriyaki BBQ

Fruit & Veg Chips (35g)

1 surprise flavour from a range of fruit and veg chips

MAD Coffee

As the name suggests, our MAD Double Shot contains two shots of espresso! As with all our MAD Coffee, our products are dairy-free, nut-free and soy-free! 100% plant-based goodness that's creamy and delicious!


Frequently Asked Questions

I really love one of the items in the box. How can I get more of it?

We're so glad you love it! For starters, please leave a positive review on our feedback channels if you really love a product, so that more people will know about it. Then drop us a message to let us know, and we'll fill you in accordingly. In all likelihood, we'd encourage you to get a bulk purchase so you can enjoy it for days.

Why do I have to wait? I want my box NOW!

We're starting out with pre-orders because that allow us to leverage bulk purchase, and reduce the amount of wastage. This also means less transport emissions in our supply chain. We know you love instant on-demand service, but come on, good things are really worth waiting for. Unless you're buying in bulk, then we could possibly work out a faster timeline. Sometimes you may also get lucky if you drop us a message at the right time. Get in touch!


I cannot consume an item in the box.

We got you. We know you or your recipient may not wish to consume a particular item for myriad reasons - there's no one box fits all, especially when it comes to food. If you can find the option listed in the dietary preferences toggle, please select that and we'll swap out the item for you.However if it is n't listed, please feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to find an alternative product.

Why are the items in the box different from what I expected?

If you've received a completely different product from what you were expecting, here's why:

1) We ran out of stock for that product. It could be due to a lapse in forecasting, or the fact that our producers have limited quantity at the time. We'll replace it with a different flavour variant of the same product, or an alternative product of a similar value that matches your indicated dietary preferences, if any.

2) You have indicated an alternative dietary preference. In this case, we really do have to swap out items that are not aligned with what you've indicated. Rest assured, taste is king in our team and no swapped item is inferior.

3) It was a genuine mistake. Our team had a long night up with the kids, or got flustered at some point in the day. It happens. We hope you'll love the different product anyway, but you can always send us an enquiry and we'll fix it for you on a case by case basis.


I disagree with the taste of one of these products. Has it gone bad?

Our team tastes every product that we place in the box, and we try to make sure it's something that everyone (I mean, most of us) would enjoy. Hence if you disagree, then you should revel in the fact that you have unique preferences. If we had more time, we could sit down and debate the oxymoronic value of the best pineapple pizza, glorious fish skin and pungent durian. Until then, if you're only opening the box much later, please please make sure it doesn't taste bad because it's expired. We'd go the extra mile for you, but we can't help you then.