Meet our experts.

Danny Lim
Sustainable Living Lab (SL2) | Repair Kopitiam

Danny is the community innovation lead at Repair Kopitiam.

Yasser Amin

Yasser is the co-founder of a sustainability startup with experience in urban and beach clean-ups and was part of the development of a global app that connects users and tracks weight of litter picked.

Kelvin Wong
Terra SG

Kelvin is passionate about environmental education. His work represents a commitment to the Earth, the environment and the sustainability of the planet.

Yap Youmin
Xiu Nature Connections

Youmin is a pioneer certified nature and forest therapy guide, as well as a yoga nidra facilitator based in Singapore. She spent six years teaching and another four years working in policy and public work.

Heng Li Seng
Green Nudge

Li Seng’s previous experience in the public sector reinforced his belief that effective public policies need to be supported by ground-up actions and engagement. As the founder and director of Green Nudge, Li Seng oversees the management and operations of the company.

Florence Leong

Florence is an ex-pharmaceutical executive turned startup enthusiast and co-founder of KosmodeHealth. She has decades of organizational and market development experience in top pharmaceutical multinationals, venture capital investment and management practice.

Sean Tan
Insect Feed Technologies

Sean worked in Enterprise Singapore before he founded his own startup with the mission of buttressing Singapore’s food security strategies to strive towards increased food security.

Joline Tang
The Sustainability Project

Jo has been passionate about sustainability and the conservation of the environment since 2011. She is highly involved in the sustainability industry through her previous work experience in various firm. She continues to inspire those around her to take a step towards sustainable living.

Tay Wee Leng

Wee Leng is an advocate of the circular economy, with a background in tech ecosystems. As founder of a circular economy startup, she has launched a crowdsourcing mobile app platform to connect the supply and demand of unwanted materials.

Vivian Mok
Calibrate Health

Vivian has a Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy from Trinity College Dublin. She has over 5 years of clinical experience and is experienced in treating various musculoskeletal conditions.

Lina Rodriguez
Easy Peasy Snacks

Lina is on a mission to make healthy and nutritious breakfasts fuss-free and commonplace in our homes. Her homegrown granola and oats line are well-loved by many for its natural and fresh ingredients.

Ana Zeng
EcoEnzyme Learning Studio

Ana has said that her calling was to share about the many benefits of eco-enzymes to as many beings as possible. The”Queen of Eco-enzymes” has been featured on various media platforms for her good work and knowledge. Her passion and enthusiasm is bound to rub off anyone who meets her.

Jamie Lee
Chai Sunrise

Jamie is an educator turned entrepreneur of a wellness company that aims to inspire mindful living. She’s been invited to speak at Netflix, Salesforce, Barclays, TEDx, Unilever, Salesforce and LinkedIn.

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