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Community Spotlight: The Young Maker

How did you get to where you are today?

The founders of The Young Maker are robotics enthusiasts who come together frequently to explore, create, and discuss on our interests. During one of our sessions, a group of students joined us, and it was a valuable experience for us. This marked the start of The Young Maker.

What is your motivation for starting your business and what keeps you going?

Technology is increasingly prevalent in every aspect of today's world. Most of us were taught coding only in university and understood the gaps of learning programming at such a late stage. We saw how coding education could be improved and understood the importance of starting students on their programming journey at a young age.

Tell us more about your work with Archisen.

We partnered with Archisen and held an urban farming workshop.

Students had the opportunity to see the urban farm at work and used micro:bit to measure the nutrients level in the water. They also had the chance to harvest the vegetables during the workshop for lunch.

This partnership with Archisen was an eye-opening experience for many of our students who were exposed to the concept of urban farming. It was exciting for them to see what they learnt in the classroom being applied in real-life. This experience also taught them more about the importance of sustainable food.

What would you say to budding founders looking to start their own business?

Prepare a two-year plan with goals and forecast prior to starting your business. Plans may change along the way, but it is important to have long-term goal to continuously reference to evaluate the health and performance of the business.

What does a sustainable food future look like to you?

We would consume meat in a humane, environmentally friendly way. I believe and hope one day, the only meat options in the market are cell based or plant-based products.

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